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Welcome to SFM Sameday Couriers
SFM Couriers have been established for over 20 years. We are able to deliver your sameday consignments from an envelope up to ten pallets throughout the UK and Europe with our dynamic vehicle fleet. SFM Couriers have invested heavily in operative training and equipment as a result we are able to provide ADR (hazardous goods) transportation. With our specialist vehicles we can not only transport ambient, but also obscure and incompatible loads.

SFM operatives are fully uniformed are trained with various qualifications including ADR, SAFED, NVQ, NHS Blood transportation trained and Crossrail qualified, many of our operatives also hold a fork truck licences. SFM operatives also carry ID and are contactable at any time to relay any change of delivery details. Our fully liveried vehicles (Crossrail compliant) are all fitted with the latest satellite tracking technology that enables constantly monitoring of vehicles progress. All the fleet carry PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) which consists of hi visability clothing, hard hat, safety glasses, fire extinguishers, etc.

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This commitment to customer care has been one of the primary reasons for the growth and longevity of the company. Our wealth of experience allows us to assist customers with all their sameday transport requirements.

SFM Sameday Couriers are a member of the Knowsley Chamber of Commerce and registered with the Environmental Agency and have a current Waste Carriers Licence for non hazardous material.

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